This site is operated by Aussie Bins Skip. Throughout this website, the terms “Aussie Bins Skip”, “Us”, “Our”, “We” are used to refer to Aussie Bins Skip.
  1. Services
Aussie Bins Skip supplies Skip Bins to customers all over QLD. We deliver skip bins in a timely manner to the provided site address at the scheduled delivery time. And pick the Skip Bins from the site on the collection date.
  1. Charges and Frees
2.1 The customer will provide a non-refundable fee to the Aussie Bins Skip in consideration of the agreed services to seal the agreement. 2.2 The maximum limit for hiring the bin is 7 days. 2.3 The total fees of hiring the bins will include taxes
  1. Additional Charges
3.1 Restricted Collection/Delivery fees. 3.2 Additional fee incurred due to Prohibited materials placed in the bins. 3.3 Excess Retrieval fees for bins that are used beyond the agreed date. Per day charges will be applied.
  1. Payment
4.1 The customer will pay Non-refundable fees under the agreement to Aussie Bins Skip at the time of the agreement. 4.2 Customer will pay Additional charges to Aussie Bins Skip where ever they apply (refer to clause 3). 4.3 Payments can be made with cash, credit cards, and debit cards. 4.4 Customer authorizes Aussie Bins Skip to charge the agreed amount from the card during online payments. 4.5 Aussie Bins Skip will send Tax invoices to customers according to the GST Legislations.
  1. Customer’s Obligation 
By signing the agreement, the customers recognize and accept the following:
  • To use the skip bin supplied by us in a sensible manner.
  • To bear the responsibility of any damage, loss, and destruction to skip bins while the bin is in the customer of the customer.
  • To ensure the skip bin is returned to the Aussie Bins Skip in the same condition it was received.
  • To use the skip bin for only the specified wastes only.
  • To get all the necessary approvals from the government body for the delivery of skip bins.
  1. Restrictions on Skip Bins
It is prohibited to:
  • Place any prohibited materials in the skip bins.
  • To put burning wastes in the bins.
  • Excessively fill the skip bin, that waste rises above the walls of the bin
  • Relocate the bin away from the site address.
  • Use the bin for illegal purposes.