Aussie Bins Skip is dedicated to providing its customer with top-quality after-sales service. We must provide customers with ease when dealing with us and provide services distinct from our competitors. Full Refunds The customer is eligible for a full refund (excluding a 4% booking fee) if the customer cancels the order within the required period of 4 days. Cancellation should be before delivery via:
  • Email:
  • Phone
  • Online form
The customer is eligible for a full refund (excluding a 4% booking fee), in case of non-delivery of the skip bin. This clause does not include delivery/collection of the bin at any other time than the scheduled one, only NON-DELIVERY. If Aussie Bins Skip re-schedule the delivery the above will become null and void. Partial Refund  The customer is eligible for a partial refund (excluding 4% booking fee) if the order is canceled by them “the customer” within (2) business days before delivery. 10% of the total order will be charged as cancellation fees by Aussie Bins Skip. Customers will also be eligible for a Partial Refund (excluding a 4% booking fee) in the case of order cancellation within (1) business day of delivery. 20% cancellation fees will be charged. Non-refundable The 4% booking fee is non-refundable and will be charged in case of both partial and full refund.