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Mixed Waste

Mixed waste is a mixture of radioactive materials and hazardous materials. According to RCRA, The waste can be defined as “the waste which consists of both hazardous waste and source, special nuclear and byproduct material subject to the Atomic energy act of 1954.”

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    The process of coumpound waste includes no generator separation of waste, with all waste processed at what’s been called a dirty (MRF) material recovery facility.

    US Department of Energy (DOE) classified the mixed waste into 3 types

    1. Low-level mixed-waste (LLMW) consists of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) and hazardous waste.
    2. High-level mixed-waste (HLMW) results from recycling spent nuclear fuel and irradiated targets from reactors. These wastes may contain highly destructive components, organics, and heavy metals that are controlled under RCRA.
    3. Mixed transuranic waste (MTRU) consists of radioactive elements which are heavier than uranium and hazardous waste component.

    Mixed Waste Removal Near Me

    The process of mixed waste removal is very complex and expensive as it requires special handling. However, Waste bins are the best solution for small construction work.

    Mixed Waste Bins

    They are suitable for various types of waste

    Moreover, small business demolition projects generate an amazing amount of wastes. So, we classify our bins to deal according to the type of material and help you in choosing the right for your job.

    Mix Waste Bins

    Waste solutions

    Some building waste products are very hard to recycle; they will be disposed of securely in landfill sites. Some building wastes are recyclable so that modern waste processing services will make the best use of all of these. As the name implies, Building Waste is something that doesn’t fit into other groups so that Aussie Skip Bin Hire Brisbane will deal with it as such. If there are no hazardous materials, food, or soil products, your Waste Bin is good to go.

    You can put the following items in your skip, at the time of disposing of heavy waste

    • Waste from domestic demolition, construction like gyprock, minimal glass, and many more
    • Hardfill waste such as bricks, tiles concrete
    • Furniture and appliances such as cupboards, fridges or washing machines
    • Tree trunks which are smaller than 300mm in diameter and under 500mm in length, roots, plants, or green waste
    • Timber logs under 300mm in diameter and under 500mm in length
    • Steel/ metal

    You cannot dispose of the following items.

    • Large tree roots
    • no palm tree trunks
    • timber logs which are larger than 300mm in diameter and larger than 500mm
    • tree trunks which are larger than 300mm in diameter and over 500mm long
    • Hazardous material such as insulation, liquid, empty chemical containers, food, perishable or non-perishable food