We have aimed to answer the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you still have questions and not sure? Please contact our friendly team.

Any dry and ‘non-putrescible’ waste can be placed in the bin. Batteries, synthetic grass, tree stumps, and carpet can be put in bins, but there may be additional costs for these items. Please ask one of our friendly staff if you are in doubt regarding the type of waste.

Food, chemicals, liquid paint, gas cylinders, fibro asbestos cannot go into skip bins.


In no circumstances can a skip be filled above the rim level. It is illegal to transport an overfilled skip bin. If we get caught doing so, then we are subject to heavy fines, therefore we cannot remove an overfilled skip bin.

You can always put a skip within your own property subject to space requirements, but if you need to put the skip in the public area, different rules apply. You can always ask us for an inspection.

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In order to dispose of this type of waste you need to contact your local council and follow their direction.

Different local governments have different rules and some of them prohibit placement on either the road or nature strip. Some others require that either the customer or the skip bin company obtain a permit at a cost. If you need to put the skip outside of your property, please call us and we can guide.

Asbestos is not allowed in the skip. As you know, Asbestos is banned in Australia.

Asbestos can be found in many materials in houses. If you are not sure whether a material contains asbestos or not, please consult our friendly staff before placing it in a skip.

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Here are the sizes often required for typical jobs are as follows:

  • Kitchen renovation: 3 cubic metres.
  • Bathroom renovation: 2.5 to 3 cubic metres.
  • Moving house: 3 to 4 cubic metres.
  • Building project: 4 to 6 cubic metres.

For other special needs, please call us. If you are in doubt, it is often cheaper to select larger bin size than needing the second skip bin.

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