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Concrete/Brick Waste

Concrete or brick waste is one of the waste types that not only look ugly on the property but also it is quite challenging to remove it. If you are dealing with a remodelling project that involves foundation work, you will likely find yourself with piles of cracked or broken concrete. There is a major portion of waste that comes from construction materials, and unfortunately, much of this waste ends up in the landfill. Although it’s a relatively big challenge to dispose of your construction materials, some disposal options can use to manage construction waste efficiently Skip bin hire Brisbane is one of them. 0426 499 000
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    There are a huge number of residential and commercial clients who always look for a hassle-free way to get rid of bricks and concrete. Our friendly skip bin team makes it easy for them. All you have to do is point your unwanted waste, and we will make it disappear. We will even sweep up the area afterward. With our 15 cubic yard and our heavy trucks, we can fit 8 full-sized bins full of waste. Not anything is too big for our truck, depending on your business needs. We can schedule a one-time pick-up or on-going services. We have over 100 franchise locations across Australia, so we are always in your neighbourhood with our inclusive service.

    Types Of Concrete/Brick Waste We Remove

    The construction material which gets disposed of in the form of debris or trash, we identify them as a hazardous construction material. Here is a complete list of construction waste material that you can dispose of through us:

    Type Of Concrete?Brick Waste Goes In A Bin

    Look at the type of wastes that we collect:
    • Trested/Untrested Dry Wood
    • Gyprock
    • Tools
    • Bricks
    • Concrete
    • Rocks
    • Clay
    • Asphalt
    • Soil
    Concrete Brick Waste Recycling

    Our Services

    The services we are providing are

    Brick and Block Cleaning

    Dissolve ugly mortar smears from the face of bricks without discolouring the bricks or mortar

    Exterior house washing

    Our expert team offer high-pressure cleaning and external house washing

    Masonry and Stone Sealing

    Seal and provide a protective coating to bricks blocks masonry natural stone tiles concrete cement and driveways.

    Mortar and Brick Tinting

    Brick, block, masonry, concrete, cement colouring or tinting service

    Builders Cleans

    Clean all residential and commercial buildings of all sizes